What am I doing?!

As I sit here trying to find my purpose in life, my passion, a hobby, anything to get me out of this horrible funk I have been in, I think about starting to write.  I am not a writer, far from it, however, writing things down always seems to help.  Being able to express what I am feeling on paper...or much easier than trying to have a face to face conversation or confrontation.  I have always been better at expressing myself when I take the time to write things down and process what I want to say....enter Blogging.  I have no idea what I want to write about and IF I could even spark anyones interest with my writing, but I guess it is worth a try!  I feel like I am a fairly interesting person, I am very opinonated, have an intense work ethic and always have something to say about everything….whether I am right or wrong. How does this blogging work? Do topics just come up naturally each day?  Do I have to pick a topic? It all seems very daunting but maybe it will give me s…
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